Jumpstart your saleswith XcelHR

Establishing a strong business reputation is hard, but it’s easier when you partner with well-known companies in the industry. This symbiotic relationship propels your business forward, boosts sales, and increases the visibility of your brand in the marketplace. Elevate the status of your brand by building a strategic alliance with us.


For Affiliate Partners and Associations

Strengthen your brand’s image and reputation by connecting your clients to XcelHR’s Human Resources solutions. You will become a trusted resource for your clients as you help solve their problems. Plus, by partnering with us, you will be able to provide additional services to your clientele and enlarge your portfolio of services.

For Independent Contractor and Brokers

Boost the value of your organization by delivering XcelHR’s competitive HR services to your members. They’ll receive HR administration relief, better benefits for their employees, reduced liabilities, and professional HR guidance to help them maximize their business potential.


Reward Yourself

Profit Sharing

Collect a monthly residual when your referrals become XcelHR clients. Your earned revenue share grows when their employee count grows.

Dedicated Support

We can help you create a detailed referral plan. In addition, our business growth consultants will be available to facilitate the entire process.

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing department can build an effective promotional plan to include email marketing, social media marketing, direct response pages.

Increased Network

Increase your book of business by sharing leads with XcelHR Business Consultants who are dedicated to boosting return on investment.


What’s in it for your members and clients?

World-Class Benefits

Access to a comprehensive benefits package, like those of fortune 500 companies. We tap into our vast network of established providers to provide custom solutions for your clients.

Modern Web-based HR Solutions

Access to XcelHR Connect, a powerful HRIS system designed to help employers manage payroll, onboarding, benefits enrollment, and other crucial HR functions for their employees efficiently and confidently.

Dedicated HR Specialists

Access to a dedicated team of specialists who support them daily. This team regularly review their HR policies and procedures to ensure they comply with statutory regulations.