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Strengthening Your Company Culture through Leadership

July 24, 2019 @ 1 PM (EST)

Employee engagement isn’t just corporate jargon. Employee engagement is essential to incentivizing talented workers to join organizations. When they are engaged, they are productive employees. Their work accomplishments become their personal reward. Thus, fostering an inclusive, passionate and trustworthy corporate culture motivates your employees and keeps them engaged. So, how do you build one?

Join us to learn applicable techniques to improving your business's culture and drastically increasing employee engagement.

You will learn

  • The golden principles to improving engagement
  • Techniques to improve your communication skills
  • We will debunk misconception surrounding employee engagement

About Our Host

Natalie Dodson’s career in Human Resources over the past two decades has been driven by her passion for understanding the dynamics of effective leadership and what can hinder them. To lead is to inspire. We can inspire what’s best in line with our desired results, or unwittingly set something completely different in motion. The more mindful we become as leaders, the more smoothly it goes in the best direction.

Natalie’s passion lies in guiding business owners and their teams through sometimes really difficult employee relations situations feeling less alone, and better yet, helping them to recognize and address underlying dynamics and potential issues before they become problems. In her current work as Manager of the client-facing HR team at XcelHR, she feels honored to support the entrepreneurial spirit and success of hundreds of small- and mid-sized business owners.

Natalie is a recipient of Georgetown University’s Executive Certificate for Transformational Leadership.


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