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Software and support throughout the lifetime of your federal contract

The government contracting arena is a very competitive environment that offers tremendous benefits to businesses. The problem most contractors face is getting their foot in the door and managing the administrative functions that are needed to remain compliant. With our government contracting specialists, no contractor has to face these challenges alone.

Government contracting experts and software

Government contracting software and services to help your company win a contract

With XcelHR’s government contracting specialists and integral market intelligence software, both prospective and experienced government contractors have the tools needed to compete throughout the bidding process. The software and services we provide are essential for finding the procurement opportunities that sustain profitability and ensure long-term success in the government contracting environment.

Expert guidance for winning your government contract

Supporting government contractors with the changing administrative and compliance regulations

Stay on top of compliance issues by relying on human resources, payroll, and benefits experts that provide the proactive research, guidance, and documentation needed to protect your company. Government contractors are constantly in the state of managing day-to-day operations and compliance regulations. We provide constant support for compliance, so you can focus on the core of your business.

We manage legislation and compliance

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From basic payroll, to tax compliance, to full-service HR administration, XcelHR’s staff of compliance and administrative experts can support your government contracting needs from the bidding process all the way to contract completion.

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