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Government contractors have to proactively manage the changing compliance environment

Prior to engaging in any government contract, the prospective contractor should be aware of the role that compliance plays in both winning and maintaining the contract. The most important fact of the compliance and government contractor relationship is that government contractors are held to higher standards when it comes to compliance.

Total audits by one government agency

This is due to the importance that the government puts on:

  • Labor standards
  • Hiring practices
  • Wage and hour standards
  • Payroll system requirements
  • Benefits offerings
  • Reporting requirements

XcelHR’s employee management software and expert services help contractors maneuver the complex environment of compliance.

Government contractors fail to recognize the importance of compliance

The government reserves the right to conduct a full audit of the company contracting with them. Some contractors haven’t experienced that audit, but the experienced contractor has. An audit is around the corner, so you have to make sure your company is ready to handle it.

The fines and violations of non-compliance

Partnering with XcelHR is the first step in demonstrating compliance. Our administrative services organization takes on the employee administration functions for you, and that alone is proof that your company is taking the right steps to become compliant.

How does XcelHR’s Administrative Services Organization (ASO) assure compliance?

At XcelHR, we provide employers with the access to software and service solutions that take into consideration all compliance issues. Our software provides sophisticated reporting you need to satisfy auditors, while our departmental experts provide the proactive information that your company needs to stay ahead of compliance concerns. In addition, our ASO model drastically reduces the time you spend on workforce management issues. We handle your employee administration and protect your company from compliance concerns, by helping your company in these departments:

Staffing & Recruiting


Affirmative action, equal opportunity, and many more compliance issues arise during the hiring process. These issues are even more problematic for government contractors. Our ASO employee management solutions can fully take over the staffing and recruiting process, or provide you with the forms and form management system to ensure hiring compliance.

Payroll Processing


Wage and hour, minimum wage, and many more regulatory policies can impact your payroll policy. With our ASO model, we provide employers with the time and attendance, payroll processing, and expert guidance needed to comply with accounting requirements. We also provide the record-keeping services your company needs to avoid audits.

Benefits Administration


With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act many employers are seeking advice to avoid the risks, fines, and penalties associated with benefits administration. For the government contractor, ACA mismanagement is not going to be tolerated. That is why our ASO model provides your company with the benefits reporting and guidance needed to effectively manage the ACA.

Human Resources Services

Employee Relations

The Department of Labor and Fair Labor Standards Act are two of the most important compliance requirements facing government contractors. With our ASO employee administration model, government contractors have the tools to record employee relations issues, and the guidance needed to appropriately handle the employer-employee relationship.

Documentation Management

Documentation Management

In order to avoid audit issues and reduce your exposure to liabilities from employees, companies need to have access to software that records and stores information. With our ASO software, employers have that access, and can effectively reduce their exposure to risk.

Comprehensive Reporting


The changing compliance and audit environment requires government contractors to have reporting capabilities that reduce the amount of time auditors spend on a particular company. Our ASO software allows you to run reports on:

  • Payroll
  • Hiring
  • HR/employee relations
  • And, benefits

So you can meet the changing needs of government auditors.

The XcelHR Value

Its time to make compliance management a simple task. By outsourcing workforce management functions to experts in compliance management, your company can ensure protection from unforeseen government contract violations. Our team handles all areas of compliance and take on the administrative functions that may be negatively impacting your day-to-day operations.