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Providing government contract support in all aspects of the federal procurement process

Make sure your company succeeds

XcelHR’s government contractor bundled solution provides contractors with the assistance and guidance they need for all aspects of the government contracting process. Whether you are new to the government contracting arena or very experienced in federal procurement, our support will help you acquire a contract, get started on the right foot, and help you manage compliance throughout the life of the contract.

For a more detailed look into each of our services, click on the services below.

Helping Businesses Get Started On The Government Contract

Tracking your Labor: Time & Attendance Systems

XcelHR’s DCAA-audited Deltek time and attendance system is exactly what government contractors need to remain compliant. Track regional employees, attendance, and all billable hours with our compliant time and attendance system.

Payroll Audits

The DCAA audits approximately 7000 government contractors per year. All government contractors should make sure their accounting systems meet the compliance needs of the government so you don’t run into problems while carrying out the contract.

Helping Businesses Carry Out The Government Contract

Full Service HR: Complete Administrative Relief

Benefits Administration

Our benefits offering not only helps a government contractor acquire and retain talented employees, but also makes sure contractors remain compliant with minimum benefits offerings to their employees.

Human Resources Administration

If you have an understaffed HR department, or none at all, then you may open your company up to compliance violations that can cause contract termination or default. Make sure this doesn’t happen by taking advantage of XcelHR’s full-service HR department.

Payroll Administration

One of the most common compliance violations against government contractors is failing to meet wage and hour law requirements. With XcelHR’s payroll administration, government contractors have access to reliable, compliant, and accurate wage reporting and documentation.

Government contracting creates significant challenges

The XcelHR Value

At XcelHR we know the environment facing government contractors. Our team of government contract support specialists can guide all types of contractors through the procurement process. We assist with major day-to-day HR functions… so you can focus on the core of your business.