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Staffing and recruiting for government contractors is tedious.

Staffing and recruiting occurs at various times in a company's life, but the process is most intense at one of these three phases: 1) When a business is beginning, 2) When an existing business expands, and 3) When a company moves in a new direction. For government contractors, the acquisition of a new contract often means that they have entered one of these three periods. No matter which stage of the company life-cycle your company is entering, there is one constant in the staffing and recruiting process… it is extremely time consuming.


A more challenging obstacle to overcome is acquiring “the right” candidate. How should I reach the appropriate job market? Should I consider new channels, like social media? Do I have enough knowledge on the position to properly evaluate each candidate? All of these are important questions to consider when seeking out the perfect candidate.

Added pressure on government contractors

Government contractors are held to higher operating standards than commercial contractors. Since these standards are more rigorous, contractors are regularly scrutinized and evaluated to see if they are at least demonstrating compliance with the Department of Labor’s (DOL) administered regulations. Some of the most common staffing and recruiting laws that government contractors overlook are:

The DOL’s oversight of these agencies resulted in $250 million paid by government contractors in the form of back wages. Back wage fines are not accounted for in RFP bids, and therefore are not refundable by the government, leaving employers on the hook for the fines.

Government contractors face severe penalties for failing to meet staffing and recruiting standards

The XcelHR Value

Whether your needs revolve around hiring temporary or full-time staff, if you need basic background checks or comprehensive resume searches, or would just like to get rid of the time constraining burden of staffing, XcelHR will make sure that the process follows all of the necessary requirements. Let XcelHR handle your staffing and recruiting needs… so you can get back to growing your business. Take advantage of these XcelHR benefits:

  • The Staffing Solution: Streamline your staffing and recruiting processes by using our all-in-one employer solutions.
  • Applicant Checks: Complete employee evaluations will make sure you acquire the right talent for the job.
  • Administrative Relief: Outsource the administrative paperwork to our experts.