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The changing federal procurement environment makes risk management matter

For government contractors, risk and risk management are complex and changing issues. This is mostly due to the ever-changing legislative, political, oversight, and spending environments that are experienced in federal and state governments. The main issues causing these changes are:

  • Human Resources Changes: HR related legislation and oversight can have a major impact on an employer’s wage payments, safety requirements, and numerous other activities that increase expenses and the need for compliance among employers.
  • Federal Funding Changes: New political administrations may attempt to curb government spending in various ways… Spending changes can positively and negatively impact an employer’s revenue stream.
  • Workers Compensation and Employee Lawsuits: When any of the above environments change, employers who are not aware of these changes become more vulnerable to employee litigation, penalties, and/or fines.

Risk management improves your ability to adapt and reduces the likelihood of penalties

With XcelHR’s risk management services, government contractors are less exposed to the day-to-day troubles of risk management policies, but become more protected from the federal and state policy changes that increase the likelihood of employee lawsuits, unemployment claims, and workers compensation claims. Employers experience this relationship by focusing on their day-to-day operations, while XcelHR takes on the back-office administration that informs, protects, and shares liability with employers.

Reduce your compliance and workers' comp risk exposure

The XcelHR Value

Government contractors are subject to more severe penalties due to non-compliance. In addition to employee litigation and increased expenses, they face the threat of contract postponement, contract termination, and losing out on bids by failing to remain compliant. XcelHR’s risk management administration focuses on sharing liability and ensuring that your company remains compliant with the various laws that increase workforce lawsuits against employers… Reduce your risk, by taking advantage of these XcelHR benefits:

  • Risk Management Solutions: XcelHR’s risk management department provides employers with access to risk management professionals that help protect employers and their employees.
  • Shared Liability: XcelHR shares liability with its customers, so you don’t have to face problems by yourself.
  • Administrative Relief: Eliminate the administrative burden of managing claims and premium payments.
  • Expert Advice: XcelHR provides numerous professionals that advise and assist employers with day-to-day employee management.