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Government contractors must comply with time and attendance regulations

If you are a government contractor, then you must use a time and attendance system that will help you monitor your workers throughout every phase of the contract. The most important element of the time and attendance system is that it complies with the regulatory agency who is responsible for contract audits. The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) is that agency. They are responsible for monitoring government contractors and ensuring that their payroll processes account for wage and hour, employee tracking, fringe benefits, and record-keeping requirements

The DCAA has strict requirements on timekeeping guidelines for government contractors, approving only specific time management systems that meet all of their audit criteria. These guidelines are meticulously enforced to ensure that government contractors’ costs are “accounted for accurately and without misuse.” At XcelHR, we offer contractors several fully compliant time management systems, which includes some of the most commonly used systems. For example, Deltek, can be fully integrated to our payroll software and is completely capable of producing the wage and hour reports and summaries required for government compliance.

Time management and timekeeping systems are used to produce reports that show government contractors are in compliance with the DCAA, FAR, DFAR and SCA standards.

DCAA audited time management systems ensure compliance

The XcelHR Value

XcelHR offers several time and attendance systems that have been audited and approved to meet government standards. These systems are DCAA compliant and is a solution for any sized government contractor. If you plan on entering the federal procurement market place, then you must make sure you are using adequate time and attendance systems. At XcelHR, we can provide you with that… so you can continue growing your business. Take advantage of these XcelHR benefits:

  • Time and Attendance Systems: We provide several DCAA compliant time and attendance systems.
  • Pick and Choose: Government contractors should feel free to evaluate and select any system that best suits their needs.
  • Verification: Employers and managers can review and verify all employee hours.
  • Administration Relief: We handle the IT administration for the software, and make sure each contractor uses the record-keeping functions needed throughout the contracting process.
  • Compliance Relief: DCAA audited time management systems are 100% compliant.