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Planning your employee administration practices in a compliant manner

How long does it take to hire a new employee?

One of the most overlooked and challenging tasks facing government contractors is developing effective employee administration strategies that reduce your company’s exposure to compliance risks. Most contractors fail to realize that the most frequently violated compliance issues deal directly with employee management practices, which can lead to the termination, cancellation, or suspension of your existing contracts.

At XcelHR, we provide you with the tools to reduce your company’s exposure to contract risks, and also provide you with experts in administration that help you develop proactive strategies for employee management.

Executing the employee administration policies that keep you compliant and reduce the amount of time you spend on compliance issues

As a government contractor, your time is better served working on the more important elements of the contract. We can handle the challenging and complex tasks associated with employee administration, so you can focus on satisfying the product or service requirements of your contract. Our workforce management solutions provide government contractors with compliance throughout the entire employee lifecycle, by:

  • Providing you with automated hiring and HR forms that are easily stored and recalled in case you face an audit.
  • Providing access to DCAA audited time and attendance systems, like Deltek, and integrating that into your payroll.
  • Shopping for compliant benefits packages and uploading the benefits options directly to your employees’ portal. They can select which benefits package they want at any time during open enrollment and have 24/7 access to their employee portal.
  • We research and analyze upcoming state and federal law changes, so you are continuously up-to-date on major compliance issues.
  • Access to our employer and supervisor portals, where you can quickly assess the status of your employees and run sophisticated reports that satisfy all audit requirements.

Make compliance a thing of the past, and ensure that your contract is safe

Every contract that the government enters into has a clause that allows them to terminate the contract at any time. Your contract is no different. Don’t lose out on current and future federal procurement opportunities because you neglected compliance issues. Allow us to ensure that compliance is never an issue, and in the meantime spend your work hours more productively. Partnering with XcelHR gives you access to software and service that protects every government contractor.

Experts expect business regulations to increase

The XcelHR Value

At XcelHR, we specialize in making your company compliant. We achieve this by providing you with the software and employee management specialists that improve your ability to manage your workforce. Government contractors shouldn’t have to worry about the security of their contracts, and with our comprehensive compliance solutions you don’t have to. We assist with employee administration… so you can focus on the core elements of your contract. Take advantage of these XcelHR benefits:

  • Full-Service Human Resources: Streamline all of your employee administration requirements. We help consolidate your work from the job search all the way through to the employee retirement phase.
  • Complementary Employee Administration Experts: If you need help with compliance, employee administration, or any of the core HR functions, then our HR, benefits, payroll, risk management, and government contracting specialists are here to help.
  • 24/7 Support: Access your supervisor or employee portal at any time. And get the software technicians to support you.