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The challenges of human resources administration for small businesses

The risks of HR noncompliance
The benefits of HR compliant practices
The risks of HR noncompliance
The benefits of HR compliant practices

The human resources administration environment is constantly evolving. It is becoming much more employee-friendly, exposing employers to additional human capital management risks. In order to combat the legislative changes in workforce management, employers are now expected to spend more time identifying HR issues and developing HR policies that adapt to the changing HR landscape.

Additionally, effective human resources administration minimizes employee turnover, keeps unemployment rates low, and promotes correct hiring and termination practices. All of which, if managed poorly, will increase unexpected operating costs that affect your bottom line. Developing precise strategies for these key HR factors is essential to an effective HR management service.

Small businesses are more exposed to HR Issues than large businesses.

HR compliance-related lawsuits

Many small business owners feel like their employment style, management policies, the employees they hire, or whatever else they are doing is unique and will protect them from HR violations and penalties. Unfortunately, the evidence on small business employment practices suggests the opposite. Not only are smaller businesses more susceptible to penalties, but the average fine amount is much higher for small businesses that violate HR compliance issues.

Effective human resources administration enables business growth.

Outsourcing HR removes the struggle between employee management and HR compliance. When employers engage in outsourcing activities they become more informed on the major issues guiding compliance. At XcelHR, we provide employers with direct access to HR experts who provide advice, direction, and administrative relief from the major regulatory policies and organizations that protect employees; including:

Components of HR compliance
  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Wage and Hour Laws
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

The XcelHR Value

Balancing day-to-day workforce management and the difficulties of attaining growth can prove to be an extremely challenging task for employers. Thankfully, there are human resource administration solutions for employers who wish to take human capital management off their plate. XcelHR’s human resource experts provide the guidance and administrative relief to employers… so they can get back to growing their business. Take advantage of these XcelHR benefits:

  • Comprehensive HR Solutions: Streamline your HR processes with XcelHR’s HR outsourcing services MyXcel, where we protect employers from HR compliance and take on all HR administration activities.
  • Business Productivity: Increase competitive advantage by shifting your focus
    from human resources administration to strategic business development and growth.
  • Expert Advice: Gain access to experienced HR professionals that guide you through daily HR issues.
  • Compliance: Improve your feelings of security and overall protection from HR compliance legislation.