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We strive to make small businesses thrive and become more profitable. Our client portfolio is comprised of 8000+ businesses listed in 50+ industries. We cater to hair stylists, retail stores, gas stations, doctor’s offices, fast food chains, lawyers, architects, government contractors and more. Our flexible business model gives us the ability to customize our services to meet all of our client needs.

IT & Government Contracting

Working with the federal government can be great for your business. But it also brings a new set of problems, namely: compliance. XcelHR shines the spotlight on HR compliance so you are never caught off-guard by precarious employee-related issues.

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Franchise Owners

Improve organizational effectiveness with XcelHR. You have a trusted partner to guide you through employee-related issues and ensure compliance to employment laws in a multi-state environment.

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Health and Medicine

Track easily and effectively certifications and licenses with XcelHR. Never let them expires and keep your business compliant with the federal, state and local laws.

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Hiring and retaining talented employees is a fierce battle the 21st-century employer cannot escape. If small business employers want to succeed in this war, they must become flexible and creative.

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Skilled Trades

In a high-risk environment, XcelHR takes all the necessary precautions to manage your employees and your business.

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Professional Trades

With us on your side, you have more time and control over strategic HR tasks, giving you greater capacity to accomplish the things that matter most to you.

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