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Efficient HR software that compliments your human resources department

A large business’s typical human resources team is overwhelmed by paperwork, has a difficult time organizing employee information, and is forced to spend a lot of time on simple data entry. These factors make executing proactive employee management practices a more challenging task. In order to improve the human resources environment, XcelHR has launched our paperless HR software that minimizes time consuming data entry, organizes employee information, and is capable of running sophisticated reports that assist with managing the workforce. Get rid of your filing cabinets, and replace it with an intuitive human resources software.

HR software

Payroll, benefits, and human resources reporting

Quickly identify the employees in your company that have forgotten to enroll in benefits, check the status of performance evaluations, and much more. The MyXcel by XcelHR software simplifies workforce management by giving your HR team the ability to run reports on major payroll, benefits, and human resources processes.

Payroll, benefits, and HR

Take advantage of human resources documentation management that ensures compliance

In the current era of human resources administration, companies are dealing with employment regulations that favor employees. Companies that want to protect themselves from litigation and employee-related compliance issues rely on their HR professionals to document all employee complaints and interactions. With XcelHR’s integrated HR software, HR professionals have the tools to update, record, and proactively manage any compliance-related employee issue. Having the documentation management tools to cope with compliance is the first step toward developing proactive compliance strategies.

Manage your HR documents

24/7 access to HR Support

Employees should have access to important employment information regarding deductions on paychecks, information about benefits plans, historic wage reports, and more. We provide that ease of access and assurance of accuracy that your employees expect. Our human resources portal is available 24/7, and can answer your employees’ benefits, payroll, and human resources questions.

24/7 HR support and service