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Employee benefits offerings that meet your goals of retaining a talented workforce.

If the goal of your business is to acquire the talented employees that are going to help your company succeed, then the first thing you should do is look at your benefits offering. These days, employees look to the workplace to provide essential personal insurance and benefits. Quality employees tend to focus on the full compensatory package, which includes employer-sponsored benefit packages. Employers that are capable of offering convenient, affordable, and quality benefits plans are at an advantage when it comes to acquiring the talent needed to grow their companies. When it comes to improving retention and the attractiveness of your company, start by evaluating your benefits offering.

Give yourself an edge with a quality benefits offering
Give yourself an edge with a quality benefits offering

We shop, manage, and help you and your employees enroll with our benefits administration services

XcelHR’s unique advantage is that we develop a strategic employee benefits offering plan before we shop for you. This collaboration helps us establish your benefits plan criteria, and then we shop for the plan most suited to your company’s needs. We provide the core benefits package elements, and combine that with a team of benefits specialists who shop and manage your benefits plans over the lifetime of the policy.

Increase retention rates with a quality benefits offering Employee benefits administration has never been so easy. We provide employers with options, and they choose the solution that best fits their needs. In order to maintain the longevity of your plan, we are constantly shopping for similar deals, monitoring rate changes, and benefits offerings that differentiate you from the competition, so you can make informed benefits decisions (each year).

Integrated software solutions that make employee benefits administration easy.

The foundation of our employee benefits software is integration. The cross-functional platform integrates human resources services, payroll administration, and benefits administration to provide your HR administrators and employees with a more sophisticated approach to administrative management. Not to mention, the online portal gives employees 24/7 access to their benefits policies, reducing the amount of confusion that occurs during enrollment, or plan changes and maintenance. Our benefits administration tool is easy for employees to use and HR departments to manage.

Help yourself compete for talented workers

Health care reform implementation

With key provisions of the Affordable Care Act going into effect in 2015, employers are aware of the growing need to offer health care to their employees. Navigating the intricacies of the new health care legislation is a full-time job, and one that requires expertise. XcelHR’s health care reform specialists help increase your familiarity with recent reform legislation, and more importantly, your adherence to applicable laws and regulations. We accurately identify full-time employees, track hours to ensure their status, and provide guidance on compliant plan purchases.

Don’t fall victim to non-compliance! XcelHR’s employee benefit administration protects you from regulation ambiguity and complexity, so you can focus on building your business.

The XcelHR Value

Today’s business owners face a complex regulatory environment and slow economic growth, leaving many worried about their ability to provide benefits to their employees. XcelHR plays a leading role in ensuring that your rates will remain low, while helping you manage the compliance issues stemming from regulatory changes. With us, you gain affordable access to Fortune 500-type benefits so you can offer current and future employees the benefits they deserve. Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Data Integration: Experience the easy transition from onboarding to benefits enrollment. Our integrated platform compliments your HR department’s desires for efficient HR software
  • Administrative Software for Your Benefits Offerings: You’ll never believe how easy benefits can be with XcelHR’s online, all-in-one portal.
  • Employee Reporting and Documentation: Quickly identify the employees at your company who haven’t enrolled in a benefits plan.
  • Compliance Assurance: The Affordable Care Act is perhaps the largest piece of legislation to impact businesses in recent years. Our health care reform experts can lead you through the complexities of the law so you don’t have to worry about penalties for non-compliance.
  • Benefits that Attract High-Performing Employees: Your employees are your greatest asset and investment. Acknowledge them with robust benefits packages.
  • Expert Advice: XcelHR’s benefit experts can guide you through selection and enrollment procedures, and any compliance regulations you may face.