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Compliance changes are impacting large businesses and their procurement activities

Most large organizations are aware of the benefits that government contracting can play in their company. Not only does it provide significant opportunities for growth, but larger organizations that secure a contract for an extended period of time experience periods of sustained profitability. These opportunities lead to the innovation and growth that is expected within your organization’s culture. However, the modern era of compliance is forcing large organizations to adapt to the changing regulatory and legislative environments. Some of the key compliance concerns are:

  • Affordable Care Act Legislation and Requirements
  • Wage and Hour Requirements
  • Time and Attendance Reporting
  • Labor Reporting

Government contractors are held to higher standards for compliance

As soon as you bid on a contract, you are expected to have made significant steps toward meeting wage and hour, time management, labor, and benefits compliance requirements. A contract can be awarded to a non-compliant company, as long as they are showing significant strides towards becoming compliant. As the contract continues, ALL contractors are expected to be fully compliant. Companies that fail to achieve compliance by the time they are audited, may experience the execution of the termination for convenience or termination for default clause. These clauses state that the government can terminate a contract at any time, and are most often enforced due to a failure to meet compliance expectations.

XcelHR has the software and service to win you a contract and to protect it from compliance concerns

Our team of specialists can provide guidance for government contracting needs. Some of the key elements of our full-service compliance management are:

  • Managing and Reporting Benefits Information – Our team of benefits experts know  the Affordable Care Act and the additional benefits requirements for government  contractors. Our team shows you how to avoid benefits compliance, and our software runs sophisticated reports so you can avoid audit penalties.
  • Managing and Reporting Wage and Hour Requirements – We provide your company  with the time and attendance system, and wage reports that can validate your accounting information. DCAA audits won’t affect your business because our payroll software manages every aspect of your labor costs. Print reports, check historic wages, and itemize your labor costs with integrated software that protects your company.

The XcelHR Value

The American government is the world’s largest purchaser of goods and services. Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity they provide companies. Our government contracting specialists are the perfect complement for experienced government contractors, and can effectively introduce companies to the federal procurement landscape.

Take advantage of these XcelHR benefits:

  • Growth opportunities: Broaden your company’s horizons by entering the competitive and profitable  government contracting environment
  • Assistance at every phase of the federal procurement process: Our government contracting specialists assist your company at the proposal stage, when you win the contract, and throughout the contract’s lifetime. Taking responsibility for a portion of the government contracting burden.
  • Ensure compliance with effective employee management tools: We provide the software, software support, and knowledge of the compliance environment so you can focus on the core responsibilities of the contract.