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The necessity of an effective human resources department

Is your human resources department as effective as you want it to be? Do you know what’s wrong? Are you asking the right questions?

All businesses have human resources demands that must be met. These human resources needs arise from internal growth, employee relations problems, correct operating procedures, and the evolution of regulatory policies. A regularly occurring human resources audit may be exactly what your business needs to determine whether your business can effectively handle the current human resources environment. If it can, then great. But, if your company has significant human resources issues, then you will need to change in order to avoid the legal liability that your company has exposed itself to.

HR audits help your business

XcelHR’s comprehensive HR audit determines whether your company’s current HR policies, practices, and procedures are meeting compliance requirements and are contributing to the bottom line. Our in-depth analysis of your HR functions asks the following questions:

  • Are HR goals in line with those of the organization?
  • Have work parameters been defined?
  • Have hiring practices (job descriptions, compensation structures) been created?
  • Are employee relations (flexible workplace policies, effective performance  evaluations) being developed?
  • Is the disciplinary and complaint process outlined?
  • Are appropriate safety and security measures rules adhered to?
  • Are workers’ compensation incidents investigated and federal and state  requirements monitored?
  • Have employee exit interviews and COBRA notices been provided?
  • Are personnel files current and updated posters displayed?
  • Is the company effectively managing unemployment claims?
Comprehensive HR auditing services

XcelHR’s HR audit identifies these weaknesses and provides solutions to reduce the risks to your business. We determine your unique needs and address them, by closing the gap between how human resources is handled now and how it should be done in the future.

Human resources services save your company in the long term.

One of the more significant costs that employers face are federal unemployment taxes (FUTAs) and state unemployment taxes (SUTAs). An important function of an effective human resources department is reducing unemployment rates by fighting unemployment claims. Of course, this is a difficult battle to win. An HR department that implements effective documentation, record-keeping, and high-quality termination policies significantly improve their chances of reducing unemployment tax costs.

Similarly, subpar human resources services expose a company to compliance risks that can result in fines and reputation damages that can deter the financial progress of large businesses. Ensuring that your company has the HR policies and record-keeping capabilities to manage compliance is a proactive solution that businesses can rely on.

The XcelHR Value

If you aren’t aware of the human resources issues your company is exposed to, then we can shed light on those HR problems. XcelHR staffs HR experts who recognize deficiencies and who have the insight to resolve those problems. Prevent your company’s current HR issues from becoming future liabilities. Take advantage of these XcelHR benefits:

  • HR software: Our comprehensive HR software is a paperless solution to modern day human resources problems. Document, record, and store all of your HR information in our online portal.
  • 24/7 Access to Records: Our online portals are accessible at any time. You are one click away from complete human resources protection.
  • Human Resources Audits: Schedule an HR audit for any time. We will identify the issues with your HR department.
  • Improve Human Resources Competencies: Make your weaknesses your strengths. When you are aware of the problem, our consultants can guide you and help implement solutions to fix your HR issues.