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Increase employee retention rates

Your company works too hard to acquire talented workers, so maximize their success right away

On average, companies spend one month to find the right candidate for a position. Even though your company spent a large amount of resources on this candidate search, most new hires are not successful. Many studies indicate that effective onboarding strategies play a significant role in increasing retention, because they help new hires quickly adjust to the social and performance elements of their new job. In addition, the HR policies shown during the onboarding process gives the new hire an insightful first impression of the company they are about to start working for.

XcelHR’s human capital management software that complements your existing HR department

Keep your workforce informed

Many larger organizations have their own internal HR, benefits, and payroll administrators that are responsible for employee administration and employee relations. They are responsible for filing employee documentation, recording employee information, and resolving employee questions as they arise. The problem many larger organizations have is that their HR tools aren’t adequate enough to manage their growing organization. When your organization has ineffective administrative tools, your HR department has difficulty running reports, locating the right employee information, and cannot effectively manage compliance.

With the human capital management and employee management software, XcelHR provides your HR department with the tools they need to effectively manage your company’s employees. Our streamlined and efficient software automates the entire HR process, and your company’s HR administrators have access to the IT support and employee administration experts that understand and resolve your issues.

Effective human capital management streamlines employee administration through automation

Our software combined with experts in HR, benefits, and payroll, proactively manages employee administration, by streamlining and automating employee administration. Your existing HR department benefits from:

  • Automatically generated employee administration forms
  • Streamlined onboarding that captures employee information from the applicant search throughout the onboarding process. Minimal data entry is required.
  • Electronically signed, dated, and stored employee onboarding documents, benefits  enrollment, and payroll information
  • Run sophisticated HR, benefits, and payroll reports
  • As your company grows, we can populate any additional forms you require. If your  operation expands to new states, we have the forms ready to populate on your employer and employee portals.
  • 24/7 access to employer, supervisor, and employee portals

Successful human capital management practices minimize employee questions and concerns

One of the most successful elements of our electronic HR management system is our ability to reduce the amount of HR, benefits, and payroll related questions employees have. We achieve this by providing employees with access to their personal information through our online portal. Your employees can:

Optimize your HR department
  • Access their wage history
  • Quickly identify medical, dental, vision, and all  other benefits information at any time and on  any device
  • Enroll in benefits during open enrollment and when they have a qualifying event
  • Reduce their reliance on HR, benefits, and payroll administrators to resolve their questions  or concerns

The XcelHR Value

With the MyXcel online portal, your company’s human resources administrators and employees will benefit from 24/7 access to their employee information. This allows your entire company to continue flexible employee management practices that ultimately lead to increased productivity and higher retention rates. We help you manage your workforce, so you can focus on your business’s core competencies. Take advantage of these benefits:

  • 24/7 employee access to workforce information: Make sure your workforce isn’t limited by the hours your  company’s employee administrators work. Access wage, benefits, and insurance information at any time.
  • Software and support to improve documentation: Don’t worry about audits or lost files. With our software and support, your teams have cloud storage for all of their historic information.
  • Run reports and increase the productivity of your existing administrators: When reporting is only one click away, your company’s employee administrators have more time to deal with employee relations and  develop practices that further protect your company.