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The challenges of maintaining effective human resources policies

Compliance is a paramount concern for human resources professionals, and as federal and state regulations continue to increase so will the importance of effective human resources policies. Many times, a company is non-compliant because they are ignorant, as opposed to neglecting the issue. Either way, governmental regulators are quick to fine for even the smallest compliance violations.

At XcelHR, we have a solution to compliance issues. It stems from our comprehensive paperless human resources software that integrates departments, manages compliance, and eases the day-to-day burdens of human resources activities.

Paperless HR solutions that complement your existing human resources department

Businesses of all sizes are constantly exposed to human resources issues that demand quality HR solutions. That is why we have tailored our paperless HR software to large businesses. When companies move away from paper-based human resources, they can more effectively manage, document, and search for employee relations information. Our paperless HR software provides businesses of any size these advantages:

  • Data Integration: Quickly move new hires from the applicant tracking process through to the onboarding process.
  • Digital Onboarding: Electronic employee data forms make onboarding a quick and easy process.
  • Access to Geographical Forms: Our human resources professionals provide all necessary county, state, and federal forms for employees to complete. Any US based employee is covered with our regional forms.
  • Digital Employee Handbooks: Employees have convenient access to their digital handbook, which is electronically signed and submitted to the company’s HR department.
  • Report Management: Your HR department can run detailed reports on employees whenever they need to, making it easy to track down employees that failed to complete required HR forms.
  • Employee Relations Documentation: In addition to forms documentation, your HR department can take and store notes on specific employee relations issues. Each of your HR professionals has 24/7 access to their employee records.

The functionality of our paperless human resources administrative solution far exceeds the above list, making it a perfect tool to help your existing HR department manage day-to-day HR functions.

Effectively manage unemployment insurance claims and compliance with HR documentation

HR software, tools, and assistance

The most significant attribute of our paperless HR solution is its record-keeping and documentation management characteristics. With documentation management, HR specialists can accurately record all employee relations events. These cost-saving efforts provide accurate and timely employee termination records and can be used as a more credible way to fight unemployment claims.

In addition, our employee interface allows your human resources department to notify all employees of upcoming human resources-related changes. Regularly notify employees of upcoming changes and require electronic signatures to ensure they have read and understood the information. This unique feature provides employers with proactive solutions to compliance related issues, internal protocol changes, or an avenue to inform employees of important company news.

The XcelHR Value

Our HR software solutions provide an avenue for companies to improve the quality and speed of human resources operations. They are meant to complement existing HR departments, instead of replace them. If your company thinks paperless human resources administration would benefit your HR department, then take advantage of these benefits:

  • HR Data Integration: Experience the easy transition from applicant tracking, to onboarding, to benefits enrollment, by using our integrated software that makes navigating HR information a much easier process.
  • Full-Service HR Reporting: Quickly find the members of your organization that have additional paperwork to fill out, making organizational standards much easier to manage.
  • Documentation Management that Reduces Costs: More effectively manage your company’s unemployment claims with comprehensive employee relations documentation and record-keeping.
  • Improve Compliance: Reduce your company’s exposure to unexpected fines with easy-to-send notifications to your entire staff.
  • Gain HR expertise: Not only do we assist with technical software support, but we provide you with access to our own team of human resources experts that can help support your HR department.