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Payroll services that relieve your large business from payroll obligations.

Even large companies with a fully-staffed accounting department run into issues with payroll processing, payroll compliance, and payroll tax reporting. These problems, typically, result in the misappropriation of employee time, incorrect wage payments, and fines that may occur from even the smallest tax filing omissions. To avoid these issues large companies partner with payroll service companies that specialize in the entire payroll process. Large businesses find that XcelHR is that reliable partner, which provides sophisticated software that manages employee wages, payroll compliance, and payroll tax filing.

We provide you with:

  • Software that automates the payroll process
  • Dedicated Payroll Technicians who check for errors and inconsistencies in payroll reporting
  • Dedicated Tax Professionals who file and report all payroll taxes

Payroll software and support that reduces your organization’s payroll responsibilities.

When large businesses use our XcelHR software, their payroll department can say farewell to 95% of the work associated with payroll processing. Our software reduces a payroll department’s obligation to the bare minimum, which would be approving and verifying employee hours, while direct supervisors approve paid-time-off (PTO) dates of their employees. Our software combined with payroll technicians that closely monitor each payroll period for errors and inconsistencies represent the suite of services XcelHR provides to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of each payroll report.

 Easy ways to pay employees

In addition to those most impacted by internal payroll processing, XcelHR’s software reduces the payroll obligations of all employees. All your employees have to do is account for the time they work by using our integrated time management systems or by using any other established employee tracking system your company offers, submit paid-time-off requests, and manage their personal information.

We’ve seen your payroll situation before… We can handle it.

Our online portal is only a click away and provides employees and payroll managers with the constant access needed to submit payroll. We help companies manage employees in multiple locations, who have completely different hours, and have unique pay rates. We manage tax compliance specific to all 50 states. We can pay your employees how they want – cut a check, direct deposit, or via a pay card. We have over 20 years of experience in this field, and can accommodate your needs.

24/7 access to sophisticated payroll reporting

Payroll is oftentimes one of the most expensive characteristics of running a business. With XcelHR’s management portal, your managers have 24/7 access to sophisticated payroll reporting and a database of payroll documentation. Our payroll reports can increase manager awareness of their department’s total costs, return on investment, and much more, while payroll documentation can help your company manage compliance. With the additional Affordable Care Act requirements on large businesses, our reporting and documentation provides significant information on how to comply with specific Affordable Care Act requirements.

The XcelHR Value

Don’t let payroll services and payroll tax problems distract your accounting department. With XcelHR’s payroll services for large businesses, you can rest assured that your employees gets paid accurately and on time, and that your business is compliant with payroll regulations and tax administration laws. Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Software and Service: Our payroll software solutions and payroll technicians reduce the total amount of work your company has to do in order to complete payroll obligations.
  • Accurate Payroll: Our complementary services provide significant fail-safes that ensure the accuracy of each payroll process.
  • Time Saver: Our payroll software reduces your payroll department’s obligation to simple verification and approval. We handle the rest.
  • Reporting for Employees: Employees have 24/7 access to a complete list of historic paychecks. They can access, print, and file this information at any time.
  • Reporting for Employers: Run sophisticated reports and recall old records to ensure compliance.
  • Buy reliability: Reduce the risk of payroll error or tax filing mistakes with XcelHR’s (brand name for product), and expert help to guide you every step of the way..