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Finding job applicants is easy, but hiring the RIGHT people is challenging

The problem with potential candidates

No matter the size of your company, talent acquisition is the most important thing your company can do. The problem is that acquiring high-performing employees is a difficult task. Finding job applicants is relatively easy, but finding the right employee is complex and time-consuming.

In today’s hiring environment, many large businesses resort to job portals, social media, and their own website to source candidates. While these are the most effective avenues for starting your candidate search, it is only the first step in a much larger process. Because larger companies tend to receive thousands of applications for one position, we must develop more comprehensive strategies to narrow down the candidate search.

With XcelHR’s human capital development and talent acquisition services department, we provide businesses with a strategic partner for narrowing the search. We source candidates based on detailed specifications of your company’s job description, post to all of the relevant job portals, and narrow the search based on our descriptive and analytic software that drills into a candidates resume. Our talent acquisition team can work in tandem with your hiring department, or can complete the candidate search for your company.

Talent management software and service that makes sure you hire the right candidate for the job.

There is no substitute for quality hiring practices. Hiring the wrong person can cause your business to suffer from high turnover, low employee engagement, and lost revenue. That is why your hiring department, initially, works closely with our talent acquisition team. You provide us with job descriptions and qualities for the right candidate, and we help you develop hiring strategies that quickly identify the right candidates.

The high-costs of replacing workers

Once the resumes start coming in, our applicant tracking and talent management software start working for you. We provide companies with a centralized location to manage and monitor employees, and our talent acquisition team uses software solutions to analyze the most impactful candidates. We coordinate with you, so you can spend less time filtering through resumes.

The benefit of XcelHR’s talent acquisition solution

The competitive advantage of benefits packages

The average time for large businesses to fill an open position is 34 days. Much of that time is spent conducting background checks, pre-screening candidates, and sourcing additional candidates. Our team of human capital and talent acquisition professionals does all of that work for you. We write job descriptions, post to job portals, source candidates, administer drug tests, and extend informal and formal offer letters. In addition to completing all of these tasks, we develop salary surveys to make sure you are in line with the competition and don’t have to spend too much to acquire the right applicant. We have a flexible system that lets you manage the more rigorous or unique parts of the hiring process.

The XcelHR Value

While we are set-up to provide employers with just human capital acquisition, the real benefit of XcelHR stems from the easy transition of searching for the right candidate to on-boarding that new employee. Our software integrates talent acquisition processes with the HR administration activities associated with on-boarding. We save employers from the administrative burdens, so they can take advantage of these benefits:

  • Streamlined Talent Acquisition Solution: Our human capital and talent acquisition services cover businesses from the initial job posting all the way to when the applicant signs the formal offer letter. We handle every phase of the human capital search process.
  • Easy Onboarding Transition: If you elect to use our HR software, you will experience how easy it is to onboard an employee once he accepts the offer letter. Completely paperless solution to talent acquisition and employee onboarding.
  • Compliance Assurance: Our software allows us to document all compliance related information (such as Equal Employment Opportunity requirements and more) so compliance is not an issue.