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If you think there isn’t room for your business specialty in the government contracting sphere, think again. Onvia, a commerce intelligence company for business-to-government (B2G) services, published industry analysis featuring the 10 Hotspots in Government Contracting for 2017. The list below summarizes the study’s findings, which may provide some optimism for the future of your company’s government contracting local, state, and federal procurement activity.

10 Fastest Growth Areas in
Government Contracting for 2017

1. Medical Equipment

With an aging baby boomer population, there is greater demand for higher quality medical equipment that doesn’t increases costs. As healthcare turns towards more preventative care, providing technologies that support testing and prevention could be a huge opportunity for businesses. The industry’s current estimated worth is $484 billion worldwide, and could be worth $635 billion by 2021.

In mediacal equipment bids & RFP from 2015 to 2016

2. K-12 Public Education Services

With an increased demand for technology in schools, and the constant need to keep up with curriculum changes and manage performance, technology could be the solution to giving teachers the materials and strategies they need to succeed in the classroom. Businesses that offer education training and consulting could find valuable partners in public schools

In education services bids & RFPs from 2015 to 2016

3. Telecom Services

Some cities and government departments have limited access to high speed internet, impeding the distribution of data and communication across teams. A way to relieve those issues, and improve efficiency, is to upgrade telecom systems with high speed fiber optic cable connections. It makes sense that cabling infrastructure services are becoming more important as an increasing amount of our lives and work take place in the digital world.

In increased internet connectivity bids & RFPs fROM 2015 TO 2016

4. IT Services

Generally you call IT when you have an issue with a device or program; however, businesses that partner with IT departments and use their services proactively might have the upper hand when it comes to working with the government. Big players in this segment include cyber security, cloud services, or information architecture consulting - and if you’re an expert in more than one of these areas, you’re in business.

In IT bids & RFPS FROM 2015 TO 2016

5. Smart Lighting Systems

Perhaps the top drivers behind the push for smarter lighting is the savings in energy costs and the impact it has on public safety in cities. Smart lighting in the form of street lights and other infrastructure can make commuters safer on their way to work and on the job. More than just providing the fixtures themselves, many cities are looking for lighting that double as motion sensors, surveillance tools, and can collect data.

In smart lighting bids & RFPs from 2015 to 2016

6. Disaster Services

Cleaning up or preparing for a natural or man-made disaster is the responsibility of more than just the federal government, and might even be done more effectively at the local or regional levels. Disaster related services include not just disaster cleanup, but also disaster assessment, disaster recovery management, and disaster preparedness services.

In disaster services bids & RFPs from 2015 to 2016

7. Construction Site Prep Services

This opportunity refers not to the construction projects themselves, but the preliminary work such as grading land that happens before a major infrastructure or building project begins. Businesses that offer similar services could be in for lots of opportunities as they head into 2017.

In construction site prep services for bids & RFPs from 2015 to 2016

8. Services for People with Disabilities

ADA compliance is the key for businesses who could benefit from government contracts in this area. State and local government agencies and facilities must offer public services to all people without barriers. This opportunity specifically refers to construction and architecture projects regarding ADA compliance, i.e. wheelchair ramps.

In services for people with disabilities bids & RFPs from 2015 to 2016

9. Water Treatment and Water Quality Services

Federal water utility funding declined from $16 billion in 1976 to $4 billion in 2014. So the key question is, how can your business provide innovative treatments and new equipment to maximize use of the existing water infrastructures? Even better, do you offer a solution that helps utilities manage customer demands and performance issues more efficiently?

In water services bids & RFPs from 2015 to 2016

10. School Bus Services

Contracting out public school transportation to private sector companies is growing in popularity among school districts. Outsourcing transportation can lower operating costs and limit the responsibility of maintaining vehicles for districts, and makes this an area for growth.

In school bus services bids & RFPs from 2015 to 2016