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The relationship between small businesses and professional associations

Associations are mission-driven organizations, mainly acting as a voice for an industry, profession or trade, or other cause. Membership is key to an association’s success. Therefore, the primary objective of an association is to focus on specific industry trends, so they can meet their member’s expectations for strategic growth, public opinion of the industry, improving legislative forces, and educating members on the important information in their industry. The more active and helpful an association is, the more likely their members will be satisfied and will continue to grow.

This give and take relationship is a large advantage for both small businesses and the association. The small business and its employer gain a larger voice and are exposed to relevant and helpful information, while the association grows with every additional member.

How can your association further assist with the growth of your small business?

In addition to the benefits listed above, and the credibility and increased influence that associations provide small businesses with, the most helpful associations facilitate partnerships for small business owners. These partnerships can vary dramatically in what they offer a small business, but always attempt to foster relationships that are beneficial to their small business members.

The partnerships associations bring to the table

Associations provide their members with profitable partnerships

One of the more productive and prevalent partnerships that associations and their members benefit from are connecting small business owners with experts in managing day-to-day employee administration. Small business owners specialize in the needs of their industry, and become entrepreneurs to profit on their knowledge of the industry. No matter which industry your association is a part of, they facilitate these relationships to provide members with an avenue to rid themselves of the time-consuming and complicated task of managing a workforce.

More specifically, employee administration partnerships assist with:

  • Human resources administration
  • Payroll processing and payroll tax filing
  • Workers’ compensation management
  • Benefits administration and benefits plan monitoring
  • Compliance management (including helping you navigate the Affordable Care Act)

This is just one of the several types of partnerships that associations can provide. And, they provide these partnerships because the association knows that small business owners may not just need assistance in gaining the credibility that consumers need. They, also, may need general insight of what assistance is available to the small business and information on how those partnerships can help the company achieve its goals.

If you are a member of an association, then ask your association what partnerships they provide to their members. Small business owners are usually shocked at how helpful association partnerships can be!