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Besides treating and caring for your patients’ needs, what takes up your time during the day? For many physicians, it’s the administrative tasks associated with running a practice. You seem to spend more of your day dealing with the intricacies of managing a workforce than you actually do taking care of patients. Small businesses can benefit from the expertise and assistance that XcelHR can provide by reducing time associated with day-to-day HR practices.

HR, a necessary evil?

Transactional HR is any of those routine, repetitive, process-oriented administrative tasks like benefits administration, administering workplace policies, and running payroll. Transactional HR is a non-profitable and time consuming way to accomplish very little. While human resources is not the core of managing a business, it is certainly a necessity. And, if HR moves from transactional (or routine) to strategic HR, then companies can see measurable changes that benefit the entire practice. XcelHR provides the expertise and assistance that allows small businesses to see these added benefits, while reducing the amount of time and confusion associated with day-to-day HR practices.

A simple solution to a complex issue.

We partner with you to address those problems and do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

So, what does XcelHR do best?

HR Technology

There is an upside to automating part of your job. You have more time. XcelHR’s HRIS platform can make your life and the lives of your staff easier and less stressful. We have automated reporting so you can keep track of everything, from payroll, staff schedules, time and attendance, benefits administration, and employee personal information. Don’t worry – we set you up and train you on the system and are available if you have questions.

Comprehensive HR Solution

We take all of your workforce management needs and integrate them with our HR technology, and team up to provide the full-suite of workforce management services including benefits, payroll, taxes, and HR. We ensure compliance, limit liability, and assist with all regulatory changes that might affect your practice.

Personalized Customer Service

You and your employees have access to customer service when they need troubleshooting help. You can solve problems on the first call or email to us rather than having to go through a series of failed attempts at resolution on your own or with an automated call system.