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As an owner of or partner in a medical practice, your job is to treat patients. You make people feel better. It’s critically important work, but medicine is still a business. And as a business owner, you must learn to operate in a climate that is increasingly litigious and where regulations have become more complex. Increased human resources and regulatory challenges have forced many physicians to close their doors and go work for large employers out of necessity. In large part, this is due to an employer’s increased capabilities to handle HR and regulatory burdens of which a small business owner does not have the time to handle.

That begs the question – How can my practice succeed in an environment like this?

Too much administrative work drives decision to sell or merge

Spend less time on routine HR responsibilities.

Spend more time reconnecting with your patients.

The key to success is to spend less time dealing with the administrative burdens of running a business. You need experts in human resources, compliance managers, and other experts who specialize in assisting business owners navigate through the murky waters of owning a business. Once you receive that assistance, you can focus on more important things – like caring for your patients. XcelHR provides business owners relief from legal and compliance risks in variety of ways, including:

Physicians spend a day or more per week on administrative tasks.

Running Payroll and Submitting Payroll Taxes

When you own and manage a business, you have several responsibilities. Chief among them is your liability for paying employees and submitting payroll taxes, which includes Medicare, Social Security, and Unemployment Taxes. XcelHR takes on the full responsibility for paying and filing payroll tax reports.

Benefits Administration

You already have to deal with your patients’ insurance, don’t make it worse by having to deal with your employees’ benefits administration. By teaming up with XcelHR, you waste no time finding a health care provider that works for you. We can become your broker and shop for plans, enroll your employees in benefits plans, update information when there are changes in coverage, and if you want to keep your current broker and plan we will be the liaison between your broker and your employees.

Health Care Legislation

You already have the obligation to manage ACA compliance for your patients such as, are physicians in your practice participating in the exchange? Do you know the essential health benefits for your state? Have you trained your office staff to talk to patients about insurance and the ACA?

Even more time-consuming is having to deal with health care legislation for your practice and employees. Are you prepared for filing IRS reports and complying with the employer mandate if needed? We can help you wade through this confusing legislation so you aren’t caught off-guard by requirements.


Who you hire matters and it effects your profitability, so you need to hire people that fit your culture, that have the right skill sets, and work well with patients. It’s not about hiring someone quickly, it’s about hiring the right people, the right way to take your practice to where you want it to be. XcelHR helps you source and hire the right candidates with descriptive job summaries, background checks, easy onboarding, etc. When your team is happy, you work better together.