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Managing change can be HR’s greatest challenge. XcelHR’s
HR experts help you anticipate, prepare for, and understand
the changes that affect your business. We help you make
more strategic decisions that increase agility and enable
business growth.

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Empower your people.
Power your business.

Your business's success is driven by the way you get things done and by the productivity of your people. You want to avoid creating a disconnect between your HR practices and your people, or their work. Let XcelHR help you manage the transactional HR tasks while you help inspire and empower your employees through more strategic HR decisions. Our HR administration services proactively address the riskiest parts of the employee lifecycle.

XcelHR human resources administration services
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Why Outsource Your HR?

XcelHR’s HR administration services consolidate HR business functions and manage multiple parts of the employee lifecycle so you don’t have to. Outsourcing allows you to shift the focus from paper pushing to core business operations.

  • HR delivers greater administrative efficiency

    Deliver greater administrative efficiency

    XcelHR takes over all of the tedious HR tasks that can plague employers, like paying employees and administering employee benefits. Our paperless HR software houses all of your HR data so you can run vital business processes more smoothly and accurately.

  • HR improves employee productivity


    Our Connect HRIS software, paired with our HR advisors, can help you make faster and better decisions when it comes to hiring the right employees, providing the best benefits for your employees, and how to keep your employees safe and happy on the job.

  • HR boosts business performance


    HR gets short-changed in the business world; it isn’t just the compliance police. When HR is used strategically, it can become an invaluable resource for your employees and direct business critical initiatives in the right direction.

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