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Payroll, Benefits, and HR Experts to Support your Business’ Administrative Needs

Running and managing a small or medium-sized business is a complicated task. But, when you throw in the additional chores of payroll management, HR management, benefits administration, and compliance reporting, running a small or medium-sized business becomes almost impossible. With XcelHR, we don’t just provide you with software, we provide employers with software, IT support, and access to experts who specialize in each business administration topic. You no longer have to manage HR alone.

Payroll, Benefits, and human resources help

Integrated Human Resources Software that Efficiently Manages Payroll, Benefits, and HR Services

No matter how many employees you have, our MyXcel by XcelHR software simplifies the human resources, payroll, and benefits administration processes. The foundation of HR simplicity comes from our paperless HR software that integrates HR, payroll, and benefits. Managing your entire workforce’s administrative functions is now in one consolidated environment that is only a click away.

Human Resources Management through HR data integration

HR software that is Easy to Use and Navigate

Easy for your employees to use. All your employees have to do is fill out a few form fields, electronically sign HR documents, use time and attendance systems to clock-in and clock-out, and shop for the benefits policies they want. We handle the rest.

Easy for employers to manage. Managing HR information is easiest when it is organized and in one place. Employers now have this luxury. Manage each employee from one portal.

Human resources software for small businesses

HR tools that protect your business from compliance violations

Our integrated software has substantial record keeping capabilities that document daily HR, benefits, and payroll information. This record-keeping function is designed to help employers understand the landscape of their small or medium-sized business. Manage your records, run multiple reports, and let our HR specialists manage compliance.

HR tools to protect your small business

24/7 access to HR Support

Small businesses do not operate from 9-5. That is why we provide employers with HR, payroll, and benefits experts that can accommodate HR and compliance issues at any time. In addition, we provide each employee with access to our online service portal and mobile and tablet applications that can be accessed at any time. No matter what your needs are, we provide employers and employees the access they need, when they need it.

Access to HR experts guiding your company