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Benefits improve retention and hiring rates

Small businesses find it more difficult to offer a comprehensive employee benefits plan

Job applicants are more enticed to accept a position that offers a competitive salary combined with a quality benefits plan. Small businesses are at a major disadvantage when it comes to employee benefits offerings, because they lack the resources, administrative awareness, and/or access to the benefits packages that employees’ desire. With XcelHR’s employee benefits administration outsourcing, small businesses are provided the resources, expert guidance, and access to quality benefits packages that will help them compete for inimitable human resources.

Small businesses CAN offer competitive employee benefits plans

At XcelHR, our innovative employee benefits solution stems from our administrative models that pool resources and reduce a small business’s exposure to risk. Our PEO and ASO administrative models highlight the concept of outsourcing human resources and employee benefits administration, by tackling the time-consuming chores associated with HR and benefits. We take care of your HR and employee benefits administration, shop for and monitor your benefits packages, and ensure that all-sized businesses are capable of offering Fortune 500-type benefits.

Improve productivity with a quality benefits plan

Whether you have 3 employees or 3,000, the employee benefits administration and benefit plan monitoring that we provide is exactly what you need to attract and retain quality employees.

Avoid the risk of ACA non-compliance by taking advantage of employee benefits administration experts

Maintaining regulatory compliance is the problem that never goes away for small business owners. Outsourcing employee benefits administration can help alleviate compliance concerns that may lead to higher taxes or fines. One of the chief compliance concerns today for business owners is the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The law’s highly complex and sometimes murky provisions make managing compliance too overwhelming to handle alone. XcelHR assists with ACA administration, as well as COBRA and HIPPA administration. We reduce the risk you face as an employer by helping you with these essential functions.

ACA's impact on benefits administration

The XcelHR Value

Outsourcing employee benefits administration is an effective way of managing and handling small business benefits, and is essential for managing human capital. Our services eliminate an employer’s need to research, maintain, or administer the perfect benefits package… so you get back to growing your business. Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Our Employee Benefits Solutions: XcelHR offers Fortune 500-type benefits to keep an engaged, happy, and reliable workforce.
  • Shopping Around: Let us shop around for you, so you can choose the benefit plans that you want without spending all the time comparing price and quality.
  • Pick & Choose: For employers that like certain aspects of their current plan, feel free to keep it. We want you to have the plan that fits your needs.
  • Administration: We handle all employee benefit plan administration, documentation, and monitoring so you don’t get caught off guard by renewals and unexpected annual costs.
  • Expert Advice: XcelHR provides employers with access to experts in employee benefit administration who are there to support all of your benefits needs.
  • Compliance: Don’t worry about the ACA, or complying with any of the major compliance changes. We manage compliance, while you run your business.