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Federal procurement opportunities

Government contracting provides an abundance of opportunity for small businesses

The American government is the world’s largest provider of goods and services. As a result of their spending, both state and federal governments heavily rely on small businesses to both produce the products they need and to provide the services they require. It should be: In 2014, 21.99% of all federal contracts were issued to small businesses, which amounts to a total of $91.7 billion received by small businesses.

Federal and state contracts are specifically allocated to small businesses like yours

Not only does the government provide significant prosperity for small businesses within the United States, but the government creates goals to allocate prime and subcontracts to specific business types:

Opportunities for disadvantaged businesses

Small businesses have decisive advantages when it comes to federal procurement and government contracting activities. It is up to the decision maker at your company to decide if you want to take advantage of these profitable opportunities…

Government contracting experts that guide you through the procurement process

At XcelHR, we provide experienced and inexperienced contractors with the support they need to succeed in the competitive government contracting environment.

If you win the contract, then you may run into other challenges:

  • Will you need to hire more staff? – As your company grows in business scope, so does your employees. We provide staffing and recruiting services so you can quickly acquire the right talent.
  • Managing your payroll and HR – The federal government is very strict when it comes to compliance-related activities. Payroll, HR, and other employee management forces must be addressed. We provide you with the tools to make compliance a thing of the past.
Total auditing dollars

As you carry out the contract, we are always here to assist you:

  • Managing compliance – Your expertise is in carrying out the work. Our expertise is in managing compliance. We make sure you don’t run into any problems with compliance, so your focus is solely on your work.

The XcelHR Value

Our team of contracting specialists can take on any of the challenges that your company may face throughout the contracting process. You specialize in your product or service, while we specialize in getting you the contract, helping you keep the contract, and avoiding any government audit issues. We handle compliance, payroll, and numerous HR functions… so you can focus on the core of your business.