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The risks of non-compliance

On average, employers have 1 HR professional for every 100 workers

The primary goal of our human resources department is to ensure that all employers are informed, compliant, and confident in the way they handle employee management. Our HR audits and consulting services provide employers with an opportunity to evaluate their current HR policies and develop proactive policies for future human resources administration.

On average, employers have 1 HR professional for every 100 workers

HR audits identify human resource weaknesses that must be fixed

Failing to identify weaknesses in your employee management processes exposes your company to unnecessary risks. Regretfully, many companies are too late to find that these employee management risks could have easily been prevented.

With XcelHR’s HR audit and consulting, companies can easily avoid the pitfalls of employee management risk. We evaluate a company’s existing employee management processes and policies, including:

Ignorace is not a solution to compliance
  • A comprehensive evaluation of current talent acquisition processes.
  • An all-inclusive review of human capital/workforce protocols.
  • An evaluation of your unemployment claims, rates, and processing procedures.
  • A complete review of your employee handbooks to make sure you are protecting your company.
  • The assurance of satisfying compliance and improvement of your record-keeping efforts.

The XcelHR Value

Human resources and workforce administration is one of the most time consuming burdens that employers face. Employers who neglect HR responsibilities open themselves up to severe penalties that can damage their business and their reputation. At XcelHR, we want employers to feel secure in their management practices, and at the same time reduce the amount of time they spend on HR administration. Let us take on your human resources administration… so you can get back to growing your business.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Comprehensive Human Resources Audits: Review your current workforce management policies so you can identify weaknesses in your HR activities.
  • Flexible HR Solutions: Accelerate your ability to develop proactive HR management policies by taking advantage of advice that will protect you from questionable management practices.
  • Compliance: Minimize your exposure to risk and legal liability for noncompliance.
  • Expert Advice: Feel more secure in your daily management activities by getting advice from dedicated HR professionals that are here to protect employers.