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Payroll administration and tax filing does not have to be YOUR obligation

If your company has at least one employee, then you have payroll and tax filing obligations. Employers that take on these burdens know that it is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task.

Monthly time spent managing payroll

XcelHR's payroll software, administration, and tax filing services for small businesses help employers manage their time by providing the tools to easily manage the payroll process. Our payroll administration solutions reduce an employer's obligations to simple time entry. Along with the benefit of payroll administration relief, the XcelHR payroll software allows employers and managers to validate their expensies in real-time.

Don't let compliance issues drain you or your resources

Payroll compliance and payroll tax penalties dollar value

Even if it has not happened to your company, compliance is a real and common issue. The IRS has estimated that one out of three employers has been charged for a payroll violation. The fines and penalties vary among the severity of the problem, but employers should be cautious of the consequences that may occur.

While no business can risk ignoring compliance, smaller businesses are less equipped to handle the constantly changing regulatory environment. The proactive employer seeks advice on compliance issues, and ultimately enjoys the benefits of time-saving and efficient payroll services.


Outsourcing payroll services significantly reduces the amount of time employers spend on payroll processing, and also improves the accuracy of payroll accounting. At XcelHR, we achieve efficiency in our payroll solutions by integrating payroll automation with time and attendance systems. We provide software that readily checks for mistakes, allows for employer validation, and back that up by providing each employer with technicians that check for errors and inconsistencies.

The ultimate goal of our payroll service is to improve your confidence in payroll accounting, while enhancing your ability to budget for total payroll expenses. By actively coordinating payroll administration and HR activities, XcelHR successfully accomplishes the more complex issues revolving around paying employees, which are: payroll taxes, benefits, garnishments, overtime pay, and bonuses and commissions

Average company payroll related fine

The XcelHR Value

We handle all types of payroll challenges and want to take that burden off employers. Take the next step to improve your workforce management solution by using our payroll experts, so you can get back to what matters most… Growing your business. Take advantage of these XcelHR benefits:

  • Complete Payroll Administration Solution: Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your paychecks. You submit employee hours, we do the rest from paying your employees to filing payroll taxes.
  • Payroll in Real Time: Our self-service portal and mobile application give employers the power to review payroll at any time, and gives your employees 24/7 access to their pay records.
  • Payment Flexibility: We adjust to your needs. If you want checks, direct deposit, debit pay card options and other form of payment, we can handle your requests
  • Record-Keeping: Stay compliant with federal and state wage laws and regulations, and protect yourself by taking advantage of our unique record-keeping systems.
  • Expert Advice: Talk directly to your dedicated account representative to get help when you need it or to familiarize yourself with our payroll software.