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Effective risk management policies embody employer protection.

Is risk management one of your priorities as a small business owner? If not, it should be. Poor risk management strategies expose companies to threats that can cripple an organization. Many small businesses feel risk management and compliance are problems for larger organizations, but it is important to take notice of how risk exposure impacts businesses of ANY size.

XcelHR offers small businesses a group of qualified professionals who can effectively run their risk management and HR departments. If you are an employer who wants to focus on your company, then take advantage of our human resources administration and risk management outsourcing. Do not take on the administrative burden by yourself, our risk management professionals make sure your company is protected from the major issues surrounding risk administration and compliance.

The PEO relationship protects employers and manages risk.

A PEO – Professional Employer Organization – is an unfamiliar concept to many employers. It is simply a relationship in which the small business employer selects a human resources administrator who becomes their company’s dedicated HR, benefits, and risk management administrator. In this relationship, XcelHR becomes a partner that is dedicated to protecting the small business employer from a wide range of HR issues. The standard PEO relationship stems from the “co-employment” agreement that enables us to:

  • Reduce your exposure to risk by implementing compliance-friendly protocols
  • Provide administrative relief from all HR related issues
  • Establish an optimal IT infrastructure for effective HR, payroll, benefits, and risk  management practices

Save money with the right workers' comp partner

Workers’ Compensation: An essential insurance to protect business owners from risk.

Once you hire your first employee, most states require that you obtain workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance protects employers and businesses from any employee who suffers a work-related illness, bodily injury, or death. Employees receive help for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages through their employer’s workers compensation policy.

At XcelHR, our workers’ compensation agents shop for our clients and help them find the right coverage at the right price. We effectively manage the workers’ compensation policy throughout the lifetime of the insurance policy, so you experience fewer rate fluctuations. Ultimately, helping you control your bottom line costs.

Workers' Comp liabilities

The XcelHR Value

All businesses face risk, but many employers fail to recognize the dollar value of the risk they face. At XcelHR, we will walk you through our risk assessment, find quality workers’ compensation packages for you, and take care of all of your administrative overhead. Our risk management solutions ensure you remain covered… while you get back to growing your business. Take advantage of these XcelHR benefits:

  • Protect Your Company: We help you safeguard your business with comprehensive risk management coverage.
  • Reduction of overall liability exposure: XcelHR protects employers by improving their access to quality HR directors that guide the workforce into best practices
  • Human Resources Changes: HR related legislation is constantly changing. Our experts improve your ability to stay current with these changing policies.
  • Shrug off frivolous lawsuits: XcelHR helps employers win frivolous lawsuits by keeping records and providing assistance for all workforce management activities.
  • Workers’ Compensation: We make sure your workers’ compensation rates are as low as possible, while making sure you remain covered.