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Workforce Management Planning:
The steps taken to develop a quality labor force

Workforce management refers to the managerial functions needed to optimize a company’s human capital. There are two major categories of workforce management:

Category 1 – Administrative Workforce Management Functions:
Workforce management refers to the implementation and execution of effective administration and human resources policies that manage the daily activities of employees.

Category 2 – Optimizing Workforce Productivity:
Workforce management refers to the strategic objectives, operational policies, and job tasks that employers and managers implement in order to use a company’s human resources in the most productive manner.

XcelHR provides administrative workforce management functions that relieve employers from taking on the tasks described in the first category of workforce management planning. Our goal is to free-up business owners, employers, and managers, so they can focus on optimizing workforce productivity.

Payroll Administration:
Taking care of administrative workforce management functions

One of the most intrusive functions of managing employees is the time-consuming task of payroll processing and administration.

The compliance cost
  • Time and attendance with Deltek and other DCAA audited time management systems.
  • Processing paychecks and direct deposit administration
  • Relief from wage garnishment processing
  • IRS reporting
  • Payroll taxes, payroll filing, and W-2 administration

Benefits Administration:
Taking care of administrative workforce management functions

One of the most successful ways to attract and retain employees is through quality benefits offerings/packages. Employers that are aware of employee needs know they must carefully manage benefits. For employers that aren’t equipped to handle benefits administration, or hope to rid themselves of this time-consuming chore, our benefits outsourcing solutions help employers satisfy their workforce’s benefits needs, by providing:

  • Quality medical coverage plans, including access to voluntary vision and dental benefits plans.
  • Voluntary or employer-funded ancillary benefits plans, such as short term disability insurance, long-term disability insurance, and life insurance plans.
  • Access to Fortune 500-type 401K retirement benefits
  • We take on all benefits administration, including benefits enrollment, plan pricing and policy management so you can more effectively evaluate year-to-year benefits costs.

Quality benefits are incentives

Human Resources Administration:
Taking care of administrative workforce management functions

Human resources is needed for almost all aspects of daily business operations. It is a necessity that protects employers and improves an employee’s working environment. With XcelHR’s administrative workforce management solutions, employers have access to a quality HR department that assists with:

The administrative burden on employers
  • All wage & hour, hiring & firing, and other compliance concerns.
  • Full-service on-boarding and careful documentation throughout the termination process.
  • Complete relief from all HR management and administration.
  • Advice and guidance for concerning or questionable employee interactions.
  • Employee handbooks, safety policies, and other workplace related packages.

Risk Management Administration:
Taking care of administrative workforce management functions

Workers’ compensation insurance absorbs many of the risks facing employers, and protects from major costs associated with employee injuries and death. With XcelHR, you have access to workers’ compensation experts that provide the following benefits:

  • Manage all of the administrative burdens that take up an employer’s time.
  • Manage the rates, type of coverage, and overall policy throughout its lifetime.
  • Receive the added benefits of pooled rates that significantly reduce pricing.
  • Advise employers of the appropriate workers’ compensation policy for their company and answer all questions and claims that employers face.

The XcelHR Value

As employers and managers find they are more productive without the burden of administration and begin to turn to human resources experts for administration completion, they become more focused on the core of their business. Let XcelHR help you achieve your goals for growth by administering daily workforce administration tasks. Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Expert Advice: Our experts in each administrative division will assist with implementing effective strategies for daily workforce management issues.
  • Administrative Relief: Refocus your time on the core of your business and leave administration to the experts.
  • Grouped Benefits: Grouping insurances and benefits provide employers with significant price reductions
  • Talent Acquisition: Employees want to work with companies that provide them with high quality benefits. Make sure your company gets the people you need to grow.