Growing a smallbusiness can be tough.Weve been there.

Deciding whether you should focus on growing sales, improving products or services, managing a growing workforce or supervising operations is not an option. You have to oversee all these functions. However, there are only 24 hours in a day, and you are only one person. So what can do you? You can lean on us.

Benefits Administration

Are you seeking to offer quality benefits to your employees at an affordable price? Or do you currently employ professionals in multiple states and need to provide a standard national benefits package? XcelHR’s benefits portfolio offers cost-effective solutions for your business.


Simplify Payroll

Are you wasting much time every week running payroll? And are you penalized for miscalculations and errors? Learn how our payroll and tax services can you help regain your time loss and avoid costly mistakes.


Time is a finite resource you cannot get back. Start making every second count by partnering with XcelHR

Optimize Profits

Can’t sleep at night because of the bills you have to pay? Set realistic and measurable financial goals you can track. Then partner with Xcelhr, a PEO who can help you save 20-40% in administration cost.


Workplace Safety

In 2018, the National Safety Council announced that there were 4,414 deaths recorded in the workplace for the year 2017. Deaths which could have been prevented. If you are an employer who cares about the safety of their employees, learn how to build a safe environment for your team with XcelHR.


Growth Surge

Do you need more hands on deck to help you satisfy client needs? No need to worry! We have a team of qualified associates who are ready to support and assist you with all your recruitment needs.


Legal Compliance

Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells when it comes to compliance? Labor laws change so much that it’s difficult to keep track. Let us give you peace of mind by allowing us to manage all your compliance programs.


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