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    We offer PEO, ASO, and HR outsourcing services to small- and mid- sized businesses. PEOs help businesses minimize time and monetary investments in HR, benefits, and payroll administration in order to maximize the income-generating aspects

  • SmartSource

    Unlike other PEO/ HR outsourcing companies, we do not follow the traditional HR Outsourcing model where "one size fits all". Every Professional Employment Organization package should be as unique as each business it benefits.

  • Flexibility

    Since each business is unique, the mold of the traditional PEO, ASO, and Payroll service models may not be suitable for every business. The flexibility of acquiring your own unique PEO service package means keeping your current vendors. read more

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    If an employee quits and is then rehired or is on a leave of absence for an extended period of time,...

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  • Controlled Groups - Under the ACA

    Do you own several companies under the same parent company? If so, you may be considered an Applicable Large Employer.....

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