Its time to makeclocking in painless

We’ve partnered with TimeMD to bring you the modern time clock you’ve been looking for. Our automated, web-based and customizable time clock features can be adapted to fit your unique workforce. Reduce time entry errors to less than 1% and approve payroll in under 2 minutes with TimeMD.

It’s time to make clocking in painless

  • Free up time
  • Ensure compliance with complex regulations
  • Improve your employee experience
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Tracking Time


Use any web browser to track employee time. It’s as simple as logging in.


Verify identity and time punches with a photo of your employees upon clocking in to avoid buddy punching and other time theft practices.


Employees can clock in with the swipe of a proximity card.


Use geofences to track employee punches and make sure they are where they should be. Employees can clock in on their phones so no extra software is required. Mobile alerts remind employees to clock in and out.

DCAA Compliance

Maintain DCAA time keeping requirements with detailed audit reports, job authentication, and labor tracking.


Allow your mobile employees to clock in via text.


Do you have a mix of employees that work remotely, are exempt or non-exempt, or work on a project-basis? TimeMD provides an easy-to-use solution for creating and managing all of your employee schedules. The TimeMD Scheduler makes it possible to see employee punches, scheduled work times and areas. You can post your schedules and make them available for all employees to access from any internet connection.

  • Web-based, fully automated scheduler you can manage in one place
  • View forecasted overtime hours, compare schedule time vs. actual time worked
  • Track and approve employee shift-swapping

Day off tracking

Keeping track of vacation, sick leave and paid time off can be a challenge to manage for any organization. TimeMD can eliminate the paper trails and provide a more automated solution. Whether it’s complicated accrual policies or simply figuring out how many people want next Friday off, we can give your management team what they need to be successful.

  • Set up accrual policies, submit time off requests from any internet-enabled device, view schedule conflicts, and restrict days off during popular holidays or busy work days

Payroll exporting

TimeMD removes the multiple steps and hassles that are involved in most manual payroll processes. These steps are time-consuming, complicated, and prone to human error. According to the Department of Labor, trying to compile manually payroll data is costing companies billions of dollars in penalties and fines annually. TimeMD simplifies the process of preparing payroll by taking care of all the complex time calculations. It ensures your data is accurate and delivered to the right people on time and in the right format.

Document tracking

Sometimes it can be difficult to make sure your employees have access to important information. With TimeMD you can share that information through our Document Tracking system. Whether it’s from home or the office, they will always have access to the right information when they need it.

  • Include documents and video links for employees to view to guarantee important information gets seen.

Message center

Sending important messages to employees can be frustrating when there is no assurance the message has been read or even seen. Whether it’s informing every one of mandatory meetings or of important policy changes, making sure your staff sees the message can be a challenge.

  • Send messages to one employee or all of them. You can track when messages are viewed and require they are read before clocking in.

Skill tracking

Not having up-to-date certifications and licensing for certain employees can bring hefty fines and dire consequences when audited. We can help so that you never forget when licenses and certifications are about to expire.

  • Set rules to track certifications or licensing for your employees so you are alerted before they expire.
The American Payroll Association estimates that errors in manual calculation of time cost businesses up to 7% of their payroll.

The American Payroll Association estimates that errors in manual calculation of time cost businesses up to 7% of their payroll.

49% of U.S. workers will leave a job after experiencing just two problems with their paychecks, according to the APA.

49% of U.S. workers will leave a job after experiencing just two problems with their paychecks, according to the APA.

Avoid payroll migraines with TimeMD

Going digital with your time clock helps you process payroll faster and more effectively (not to mention TimeMD is fully compliant with federal and state regulations). You can reduce entry errors and time wasted tracking down and checking timesheets. You can build a system that works for your employees, whether they are at a desk, on their feet or on-the-go.

Cloud-based, easy-to-use system

TimeMD stores all of your data in one central, secure and accessible location. TimeMD reduces administrative strain because you can track, submit and approve time in the same place. Automated reporting saves you and your team time and stress.

Avoid noncompliance and lawsuits

TimeMD ensures you have proper documentation so you have the tools you need should you be faced with a lawsuit. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that 7 in 10 companies are failing to comply with wage-and-hour regulations, mostly due to inaccurate time tracking, employee misclassifications and a lack of accurate workforce data.

Save time

The American Payroll Association says reviewing one timesheet can take as long as seven minutes. When you multiply that by the number of employees you have, that is a substantial amount of time and resources wasted. With TimeMD, you can remedy these issues and improve your organization’s overall productivity.

Simple XcelHR payroll integration

TimeMD works seamlessly with our payroll software, so there is no need to enter or transfer data between systems manually.

Eliminate fraud

With TimeMD, there are multiple methods to let employees know they are being tracked to help you avoid time theft or fake clock ins/”buddy punching.”

Improve scheduling

Proper scheduling impacts productivity and ultimately revenue. Make sure some employees aren’t overworked, while others aren’t getting enough hours.