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Find and hire great talent fast with XcelHR’s talent acquisition services. If your business is experiencing explosive growth, your team can feel overwhelmed at the prospect of hiring for critical positions. Our experts are here to provide effective solutions that will adequately source qualified candidates and ensures legal compliance with regulatory requirements.


Tap into XcelHR's vast network of candidates

Do you have a hard time identifying and attracting quality candidates? XcelHR has a network of 20,000+ contacts ready to identify candidates for your open positions. With our unique Applicant Tracking Software JazzHR, XcelHR can post your jobs on 23+ job boards simultaneously, reaching 100,000+ candidates daily.

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Get the fast results you are looking for

We know you are inundated by staffing agency calls every day, many who have not delivered what they promised. We are proud to say we are different and invite you to give us a call. Have a brief conservation and give us the chance to prove our knowledge and expertise.

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Build a strong, recognizable brand

Recruiters are often the first person your job candidates interact with, and we take that responsibility seriously. With our expertise, XcelHR promotes your company in the best light. Our team can sell candidates on your company and its open positions, so you can stand out from the pack.

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Reduce turnover by 82% with a great onboarding strategy

Did you know 88% of businesses don’t onboard new hires well? Consequently, these new hires look for other career opportunities shortly after being hired. With XcelHR, you can retain new hires longer and make them productive sooner. Our onboarding strategy can improve employee retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%.

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Our services provide solutions for every stage of your employee life, from hire to retirement. Our list of services includes payroll, benefits, recruiting and hiring, unemployment and workers compensation insurance, compliance and drug testing programs, family and medical leave, and more. Focus on what you do best, and we do the rest!

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