Are your HR policies in compliancewith current legislation?

If you can’t provide a positive answer to this question, it’s time for you to conduct an HR audit. Fortunately, XcelHR is offering FREE HR evaluations to small businesses (1-100 employees) who sign up with the form below. If you fit this profile, register to work with talented HR specialists who will review your organization’s HR policies and procedures to make sure they are in line with best practices.

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Reduce your chancesof getting sued

If your team is not regularly reviewing the employment practices, of your firm, you are jeopardizing the future of your business.

According to the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, more than 40 percent of small businesses involved in or threatened with a lawsuit in 2013 due to administrative oversights, undelivered services or quality of service. Thus, your firm needs to be prepared for any crises it may face or it may not recover.

Secure the futureof your business

Identify whether your HR department policies are adequate, legal and effective. Identify gaps in your HR practices, and give your team a chance to fix these gaps, thereby improving your workplace environment, and protecting the organization from any potential lawsuits or regulatory violations.


Benefits of conductingan HR audit

  • Craft policies that support the goals of your firm
  • Verify your policies comply with local, state and federal regulations
  • Identify what areas are underperforming
  • Establish best practices and a plan for improvement
  • Recognize your company’s competitive position against other firms

What areas of HR does the audit cover?

Why should you conduct an HR audit?

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